YouTube SEO guide

YouTube SEO guide: improve the position of your videos on YouTube


If there is research, there is referencing (or SEO). YouTube is now the second largest search engine with over 3 billion searches per month. In addition to ensuring that every video you post to YouTube features inspiring content, you can also optimize the video following SEO principles to stand out among the 500 hours of content posted every minute.

If you’re trying to better understand how to optimize the SEO of your YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place: this guide will help you improve your ranking in search results for each video you post on YouTube.

The Five Main Sources of Traffic

Producing a video and posting it to your YouTube channel is simply not enough to guarantee success. You need to understand where your traffic is going to come from because 500 hours of videos are posted every minute and there are over 50 million content creators on the platform, you need to develop a strategy that will drive traffic to your videos and put them in the top search results. Here are five traffic sources that will boost video views and comments.

Search on YouTube

A lot of the traffic for your videos can come directly from search results, which means the title of the video is one of the most important aspects of YouTube SEO optimization.

Don’t use long titles, make sure to keep short and attractive titles that also contain keywords that describe the content of your video so you can rank higher in YouTube search results.

Suggested Videos

The platform suggests videos on similar topics to the videos you’ve already watched. Again, the video title and description will play a crucial role in driving more traffic to your videos, so make sure that every video you post on YouTube has an effective title that will pique people’s curiosity and interest them. will motivate you to watch your videos.

Advertising on YouTube

Investing in promoting the content you post can help you generate more views, but different types of YouTube ads have different results. Ads that we are forced to watch in full never count as views, while a skippable ad that is longer than 10 seconds must be watched for longer than 30 seconds to count as a view. For all other types of videos, the user must click and watch them for YouTube Analytics to count the action as a view.

How to find SEO themes?

Videos are a form of communication and like all forms of communication, you need to know whom you are talking to so you know what to say. Defining the target audience before you start creating videos will make your SEO optimization process much easier and much faster.

Let’s say you want to become a successful beauty blogger and your goal is to produce makeup tutorials. Your first step should be determined based on the most relevant market for you. If you want to target the Asian market, it is obvious that your audience will be composed mainly of women who want practical advice on makeup and of your colleagues who offer similar tutorials.

Also, you need to think of a way to create a makeup video that the audience feels involved in, so even if you’re just explaining vocabulary or basic tools in the video, the audience needs to feel that he learns something.

After determining whom your target audience is and defining your offer, you can choose a topic based on keywords. Here’s how to easily find keyword ideas for your YouTube videos.

How do you find the right keyword ideas?

YouTube search suggestions:


This is by far the easiest and fastest way to find SEO-relevant video topics. What’s great is that the keywords you find will be effective, without a doubt, because all the suggestions are based on terms actually searched by users.

Copy keywords from a video in your niche that already has a lot of views:

Study the competition and find a few channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, talking about the same subject as you. These channels probably have a large number of videos so classify them with the “most popular” option.

Click on the video that has the most views and whose subject is close to the one you want to cover. When the video is opened, search for the keyword it is centered on, in the title, description, or tags, and find a creative way to incorporate it into your video.

Use Traffic Sources and YouTube Search Report:

This is the best option if you want to find the keywords users used to find your videos. While chances are you already know most of the keywords in the report, since you’ve used them to optimize your videos for SEO, you might stumble upon a few unexpected results that will help you.

Look for keywords that don’t have too much competition, because the most popular keywords are already used on channel videos that already have a lot of success. Keywords that don’t have too much competition can really help you if you’re trying to grow your channel as they’ll attract more viewers than the more common keywords.

The metadata process

Now that you’ve found the best keywords for a video you want to post to your YouTube channel, you need to do everything in your power to maximize its SEO value. The YouTube ranking factors below all play a role in how successful your video will be:

  • In the video (Metadata)
  • Recommendations
  • Chain
  • User Action
As you can see, metadata is directly related to your video’s search ranking performance. What is metadata?


The name of your video file:

SEO optimization for your YouTube video starts long before you post the file to your channel. When naming the video file, make sure that the name contains a keyword, as the platform’s algorithm will analyze this name and use it to determine where it should rank in search results.

Description: The more words you use to label a video, the better the result will show. YouTube descriptions can have up to 5000 characters, which gives you quite a lot of room to use the keywords you’ve selected.

Tags: It’s hard to use too many tags, in reality, you should use as many tags as possible. Channel name, brand name, and on-topic keywords are all great tag choices.

Subtitles: The keywords related to your video are likely to appear often in your narration and dialogue. YouTube lets you create subtitles for any video with just a few clicks, taking your SEO optimization one step further.


Promote your videos through external marketing


One of the great advantages of YouTube is that it is very easy to share your videos on social networks or anywhere on the internet. These external marketing methods can help drive more traffic to the videos you post on YouTube:

Insert Link: Posts on topics similar to your video are a great place to insert a link to your channel’s video. You can also insert a link in your blogs, your website, or on the website of a partner company.

Backlinks: A backlink is a link from another site to a specific web source, in our case, your video. You can insert links that offer additional information on the subject and increase your traffic in stride.


Promotion on an external site:


Share the links to your YouTube videos on sites like Quora or forums like that.

Partner with other YouTube creators: Look for co-ops on Fiverr, or just send private messages to ask for endorsements or subscriptions. Add your video to their playlists or “similar channels”, end sheets, etc.


How do I monitor video analytics data?


YouTube Analytics is a tool that will allow you to know more about the people watching your videos. What percentage of your subscribers watched the video you just added to your channel? How many people found the video you posted through search results? The answer to these questions can be found easily with this tool.

Each of these data helps little by little to create a successful YouTube channel because posting a video on the weekend or during the week will not necessarily produce the same results. The YouTube Analytics tool can help you stay ahead of your competition and increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Last little things

Just keep these basic things in mind when working on your YouTube SEO. YouTube will do everything possible to prevent people from watching a video

10 Best Free WooCommerce Themes in 2022

There are lots of multipurpose themes out there for lots of purposes like e-learning, churches, restaurants, etc.

If you are looking for the best free WooCommerce themes, in this article, we have picked out the top 10 most renovated and innovative WooCommerce themes.

As a reader of this article, you are most likely planning to open an e-commerce store online using the WooCommerce plugin. If so, then you MUST continue reading this article:



  • What are the best free WooCommerce themes?
    • Deep
    • astra
    • Showcase
    • Shopping cart
    • Shop
    • Woostify
    • Virtue
    • GutenShop
    • eStore
    • shop star
    • Where can I get free WooCommerce themes?
  • Which theme works best with WooCommerce?

What are the best free WooCommerce themes?

All the themes we feature are 100% free and ready to use to sell digital or physical goods online:


Deep is a super-fast, easily customizable multipurpose theme. It’s perfect for an e-commerce store , I mean a WooCommerce storefront. Deep theme makes customizing WooCommerce pages easier than ever with built-in seamless integration. As a fully responsive theme and our top pick of the best free WooCommerce themes, Deep will load in seconds and look great on any device.

You can customize every page related to WooCommerce. You have absolute freedom regarding which page you want to customize and which pages use WooCommerce’s default layout.

By activating each page, all the designs you have defined using Elementor and the Deep special widgets will be loaded.

Lightweight and minimal, you can also customize anything in Deep, with its highly SEO-optimized code that consistently ranks high in Google search results. Deep works great with Elementor and WooCommerce is actually WooCommerce ready.

There is an Elementor widget using which you can customize the most detailed part of the WooCommerce dashboard pages.
You will be totally free from any customization you wish to apply.

You will be able to create your own distinctive shop design for your product page using Elementor and Deep widgets features.

No need to look any further. Deep is what you see and that’s definitely what you’ll get. It was recently published in the WordPress repository and made a huge fan base; you can check Deep Free out there.


Discover the new feature of Deep Theme: Elementor WooCommerce Generator ! Build your WordPress E-Commerce websites hands-free.



When it comes to e-commerce, a fast-loading and lightweight theme can help you increase sales. That’s why  Astra should be your choice when it comes to the best free WooCommerce themes.

Known for its super-fast performance, this theme can be a perfect choice as it offers various pre-built demos, with which you can customize without any coding knowledge.

If you want to take your online store to the next level, Astra can be your perfect theme. It is a great choice when it comes to free WooCommerce themes with Elementor due to its fast performance and lightweight features.



Probably one of the best free WooCommerce themes, Showcase should be the perfect choice.

It is interesting to know that it was developed by the same team that created WooCommerce, so you can be sure that it will offer perfect compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin.

In terms of deep combination, Storefront might be the best choice.

Is the WooCommerce storefront free?

Yes, it is free to connect and use.

Moreover, Storefront with its responsive design is customizable and you are free to choose from many layout and color options as well as location widgets.

However, in terms of performance, it lacks a bit of customization options compared to other multipurpose themes.


Shopping cart

With a beautiful and elegant layout, the Shopping Cart theme includes lots of eCommerce widgets and homepage parts which you can customize using the customizer.

The shopping cart has a search bar at the top so your customers can easily search for the products they are looking for.

Also, you can easily add widgets to your homepage, guiding customers to specific offers in your online store.

This theme is easily customizable, allowing you to adjust fonts, colors, and more. Along with these, there are several ready pages which you can use to create all the necessary pages for your store.

The shopping cart is also approachable and translation-able. On top of all that, this theme supports the most popular plugins, so you won’t have to worry about the functionality of your WooCommerce Store; That’s why we chose it as one of the best free WooCommerce themes.



Boutique is a minimal and free WooCommerce theme that helps you quickly launch your online store. Present your products in a basic, clean and highly adaptable design.

It is Gutenberg ready, so you can build a future-proof online store. You can customize it quickly to give your consumers a great shopping experience.

Product sheets can be fully personalized. Choose from a diversity of layouts, add-to-cart buttons, quick view styles, and other features.

Botiga comes with three gallery styles to choose from for your product page to show off your products the way you want.

It also includes five different headers that can be customized for desktop and mobile use.



There are many themes with unnecessary features and this puts a load on your website which slows it down. Woostifier is fully optimized to turn your website to the smallest size possible, loading as fast as possible, even without any optimization on your part.

Woostify is built with an SEO-ready structure, clean and optimized source code, giving you the best SEO scores as well as high rankings in search results, making it one of the best free WooCommerce themes. Built with full WooCommerce integration, Woostify theme removes conflicts between theme and plugins despite WooCommerce updates.

But don’t think that because it’s lightweight it doesn’t have useful features. It is packed with features like multiple layouts for your product page, shopping cart options, and hover styles.

With the help of this theme and its pre-built demos, you can build your perfect store in no time with the highest compatibility rate with Elementor .

Along with that, Woostify supports popular wishlist plugins and will boost your SEO, thanks to its high coding standards.

All in all, if you are looking for a powerful and at the same time lightweight theme, Woostify could be the choice.



Vertu by Kadence Themes is a good choice in the list of best WooCommerce themes that exist today with premium features.

Virtue is the perfect choice for any blogger or designer who wants to build an online store using the WooCommerce platform.

The design of this theme is honestly one of the most modern.

Also responsive, it is compatible with WooCommerce using which you can create an online store.

Moreover, it includes portfolio page options, and this option makes it suitable for any type of business site.

The options panel is so powerful that you can easily control everything from layout, slider content, fonts and many more options, all with just a few clicks.



GutenShop is one of the best and suitable free WooCommerce themes for online stores, online shops and online stores.

It is integrated with WooCommerce and you can design your own landing page with the all-new page builder.

Also, you can design and create grids, display your products and add whatever you want to your homepage.

Moreover, you can use it as a one-page store too, for example for beauty, fashion and women’s clothing, sports, appliances, furniture, kitchenware, toys, digital products, etc.

The theme is nominal and responsive, with a flat design and some shades to highlight certain elements. It also has an excellent loading time and it is fully SEO optimized.

GutenShop has a new editor that also makes it a multi-purpose theme, giving you the ability to create any sort of business page or blog you want.

Finally, it must be said that it is compatible with all screen sizes.



If you are planning to have an online store and it has not materialized yet, the eStore theme will do it for you.

Its eye-catching design captivates your visitors and its awesome features stun them.

As one of the best free WooCommerce themes available, eStore has everything you can think of and more.

In addition to easy access to your contact details, there is a specific space for advertisements, and there are several slots to promote different sales and bargains.

If you are looking to get the most out of your website, all of the above makes your theme an ideal choice. You will also have a powerful search bar.

You can even personalize your customers’ shopping experience, wherever they are in the world.

If you are looking for something complete, eStore is the perfect choice. Besides, it’s totally free!


shop star

If you get the  star store  WordPress theme, you will have style, minimalism and responsiveness all at the same time.

With Shopstar, you no longer have to worry about space for your products and your showcase. There is sufficiently white space you can use.

Especially if you have a fashion site or blog, you should get Shopstar.

A big part of this theme is the category overview button, using which you can customize whatever you need.

Shopstar is fully integrated with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder. It means drag and drop instead of coding. More good news! Contact 7 form plugin is also integrated with Shopstar.

Buttons for social media can be found at the top of the theme.

Something else to say! The Shopstar theme is WooCommerce ready which means you can add your products to your website in seconds. Shopstar offers a full-width template, translation tools, and two columns, all of which can ease your money-making process and that’s why it’s in our list of best free WooCommerce themes.


Where can I get free WooCommerce themes?

You might be wondering how to get the best WooCommerce store themes for free? Well, like any other free WordPress theme, you can download all the free WooCommerce themes we mentioned in this article from WordPress repository.

Or you can simply install them by going to your WordPress dashboard -> Appearances -> Themes -> Add New.



Which theme works best with WooCommerce?

All of the best free WooCommerce themes we’ve covered in this article are, by their own standards, smart choices if you’re planning on building a WooCommerce site.

However, if you are a bit confused and not sure which one to choose, we suggest you think about your priorities and pick one based on those.


12 trends in web design for 2023

I still remember the year 2018 when I wrote for the first time about the web design trends for the year 2019. Since then, things have been changing (for the better) and today the trends have been improving in favor of the user.
Taking these trends into account, you will be able to design an attractive and modern website by 2023, so stay tuned!

Website and page design trends

Communication with users is very important from the most modern and current companies, so they tend to enhance the design of the website to convey the greatest number of emotions.
As a web designer , all of us who are in this world of the internet know that good photographs are not enough to link us emotionally with a brand.
In the web design trends of 2023, it seems that everything is going retro because simple navigation and different and more creative shapes and typographies are intended. Although taking into account the trends of years ago, it is observed how web design is being modernized by leaps and bounds with the incorporation of wonderful techniques.
We are going to take a closer look at our selection of the main web design trends that will be very important when it comes to creating websites in 2023.

12 Web Design Trends for 2023

Web design in 2023 is developing under a very interesting scenario and, precisely for this reason, I want you to stay and see what, for me, are the 12 most important trends in web design for this year 2023.

Use of full-page headers.

Current web design is trending towards full page headers. There are tons of ways to design a header, but for me the most important thing is to place the most relevant text with call-to-action buttons or CTAs on the left. To the right we will place the graphics, personalized illustrations or images that we want.
Users tend to focus our attention on the left side of web pages.

Handmade, interactive and huge typefaces.

Another type of element that I like and that is very fashionable are handmade fonts or also called handmade fonts.
Although they are typefaces that are linked to very specific sectors, they give an exclusive personality, being very positive to differentiate yourself thanks to the use of them.
Today large typography is in the trends for the next few years in web design; the bigger the better. Everything has to do with the attention they generate to the majority of users who visit the web. This example from Obys Agency is very illustrative.

Bright color palette.

This trend is not new, it has been that way since 2013 onwards and it is presumed that it will continue like this for many more years. I recommend Material Design to carry out this type of action.
The use of gradients in the design of web pages is a great idea because it gives a lot of exclusivity and freshness to our work. But we must be careful because gradients are very complex elements that require an advanced level in graphic design as well as great experience.
Getty already says it: in our hectic lives, the usual is boring, so we must prepare ourselves for a 2023 pop full of chromatic manipulations.

Lots of detail in each photo.

This is going to be the year in which great photographs are prioritized on the web where you can see even the smallest detail.

Simple design and unique font

As a fan of minimalism and discreet design, I see that these concepts go hand in hand with another very important one, such as single fonts.
There are many companies that have their own typeface , Coca-Cola for example has just designed its own typeface,

If you are thinking of creating your own “manual” typeface, here is a great tool; Calligrapher .

Lots of white on the web page. Much!

It seems like yesterday when we saw very busy web pages and designs, with graphic elements everywhere. Today the design of the most modern websites returns to simplicity and good taste.
One of the most important things within a web page is to achieve understanding of it. You will understand that a simpler page will favor this understanding and improve the usability of our user, right? Well, that 😉

animated cursors

It will seek to implement cursors in each website by modifying the shape and animating its transitions.
In this way, users will see something different, fun and unusual, so the benefits of having something like this will improve the user’s criteria regarding the web page.

Organic designs and bold colors

Everything that is rounded shapes and organic curves will be very popular in trends from 2021 onwards, even in this coming year 2023.
Bold colors are back in fashion, but this year, however, we are going to have a color scheme with minimalism. Although people think that minimalism is at odds with fun and colorful design, this is not the case.
To find a color palette for your creative (and minimal) design, I leave you a very cool one that I use very often.


Prioritization on mobile devices

The use of mobile devices has already been surpassed in comparison to desktop browsing. This means that in 2023 sites optimized for mobile devices and responsive web design (adapted to any type of device) will be mandatory for any web work.
In this year 2023, the user experience (UX) on your website must be as fluid as possible, uninterrupted and attractive, so we must check:
• The loading speed of the web.
• Take advantage of the white space.
• SEO friendly multimedia content.
• You must create useful, original and innovative pages.
• Interfaces that can be operated using only voice commands.

Impressive narratives.

Making a web page narrating a story will be very valuable for this year 2023. Everything that surrounds a story, content, campaigns, etc. will be decisive for your business since the user will interact much more.
The Every Last Drop website , for example, is a good example of online storytelling, where a story about water waste is told in an attempt to raise awareness of the problem.

Use of a grid system.

We continue with the asymmetric styles where we will see modern sites in which the designers will use the CSS grid layout to maximize the visualization of the web.
They will be able to create designs in a much simpler way, achieving an orderly and very clean appearance with the 2D Grid.
It is very likely that everything this coming year 2023 will be a trend so don’t wait to get your act together!


Color trends for this 2023.

For this 2023, Al Aqua has been chosen, a blue color inspired by technology, by WGSN and Coloro.

We will continue with the gradients throughout the year that will make the best designers have to get to work on the best designs.


How to design a website in 2023?

It is very important to understand that the theory of web design trends in 2023 alone is not enough.
For all of us who are aware of web design, we understand that taking these trends into account will be very positive in any type of project. The best web designs are designs that take these trends into account, put them into practice and stand out from their competitors.
If you would like to design a website for your company or web business and you do not know whom to turn to, we can help you. We are specialists in web design since 2004 and we have carried out a lot of projects of great depth and great success throughout this time. Book a consultation with me. We make your ideas come true!
Write them in the comments!
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Thank you very much for your time 😉

What is Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization



Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing method, used to improve the occurrence with which a company’s website will appear naturally on search engine results pages (SERPs). Results are achieved by correcting or adding search engine searching elements to a website. Essentially, SEO is the development of specific content to increase and improve the quality of visitors to a website. SEO is a set of strategies and techniques that help increase the number of visitors to a site by tailoring it to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search engine optimization is the collection of actions that ensure that a site is friendly to search engine robots and crawlers that examine and index the pages of their sites. This set of best practices is also called white hat SEO. It is considered the methodology for ranking advancement. One of the main impacts of a webpage is writing content for online readers. This creates the dynamics of supply and demand for digital content.


The SEO Mix

Successful campaigns looking to improve SEO must incorporate carefully chosen keywords into their website content for search engine algorithms. Keywords should be scattered relevant throughout the site for a successful SEO campaign. The elements of an SEO campaign make more sense when looked at individually. Understanding the different elements that make SEO a powerful marketing tactic starts with breaking down a campaign.

People are click-averse on many SERP pages, so a page’s ranking on the results page is extremely important to the success of the page and the traffic that comes to that site. Webmasters strive to organically increase their rank in SERP listings. As the rank of the listing improves, the more likely the page is to be clicked on by a user. Organic SEO strives to use on-page factors to achieve higher SERP placement naturally, without paying for top-notch placement.

Improved traffic: Keyword-specific content will help differentiate your site from other sites with similar names but offering unrelated services. You need to attract visitors to your site who understand your brand and services.

Increased traffic: Visibility in the early SERPs will result in more and more frequent traffic. Users are more likely to interact with results located in the top 10-20, so improving your ranking on these results pages will help increase traffic to your site. Organic Search Results: A search engine’s results page contains both paid and organic results. Organic results are unpaid and linked to SEO marketing.


How SEO Works

Search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo produce answer pages based on questions entered into a query field. When you consider how a search engine works, it’s easy to see that your search engine is more than a genius for answers. The best way to build a successful SEO campaign is to start by understanding how search engines work when they generate search results pages. Breaking down the functionality of a search engine starts with gathering information. Search engines scour the Internet for information on a variety of topics. Once the content is collected, it is indexed and fed into an algorithm that has the unfathomable task of matching search queries to indexed data. Of all the factors that affect the programmed functionality and algorithm of a search engine, many experts agree that three factors are the most important.

20.9% Domain level, link authority characteristics: Quantity of links to the domain, trust and quality of links to the domain, and page rank at the domain level.

19.2% Page Level Link Characteristics: This percentage denotes the quality of the links anchored to your page. Rank and trust scores are related to link quality, quantity, distribution, and origin.

14.9% Page-Level Content and KW Characteristics: The topic relevance score determines whether content on a page is relevant to the domain’s purpose and other content.


In SEO, there are two functions: search engine and optimization. The search engine-related elements of the campaign can be controlled, and the optimization feature is the one to do this. More than fifty percent of all factors that affect a website’s ranking on a search engine are manageable. Optimization can be done in any of these features. The work of optimizing your site can range from managing tags to building informative metadata. Other factors like on-page optimization, which includes the limited details of a web page. Things like coding, images, and the content will affect the ranking of the results page. Another area that can affect rankings, but isn’t as controllable, is off-page optimization. The best way to influence this factor is to provide engaging and relevant content that can be found on other pages. Adding content to your web pages that link to other websites can give domain credibility through search engine tracking.


Application of SEO principles

We started by explaining what SEO is. We also covered what exactly this acronym means for website builders and businesses. If you’re new to SEO marketing, make sure you’ve mastered this tactic.

When someone uses the acronym SEO, they are citing search engine optimization, which is a type of digital advertising. Creating a fully optimized website can be challenging, but start with simple solutions like choosing a search engine-friendly domain name or using better internal linking. Improvements to a website will not produce substantial gains until the content has been updated and formatted to include keywords, tags, and the use of proper on- and off-page optimization. Optimizing your website won’t do much good if you don’t provide the most relevant and up-to-date content.


The future of SEO

Algorithms is evolving as search engines strive to address various issues in their business models. SEO tactics are at the mercy of changes in search engine algorithms. By staying engaged and informed about these changes, you will be able to keep your pages properly optimized. By being informed, you will also avoid being the victim of information that seems to you to be incorrect.


The Importance of SEO for Businesses

The Importance of SEO for Businesses

SEO is essential to the success of organisations since it increases their exposure, which is essential for luring clients into the current digital environment. Before making a purchase, shoppers look online 81 percent of the time, whereas B2B buyers search online 94 percent of the time. Because of this, companies that do not have a significant presence online will lag behind their rivals. To put it another way, having strong SEO makes it simpler for people to locate you on the internet. This indicates that the greater the number of people that visit your website, the greater the amount of internet traffic you get, and the greater the likelihood that you will be able to sell your product or service to a greater number of individuals. Let’s examine the factors that contribute to the significance of SEO.

The buying habits of consumers as well as the retail industry are being revolutionized by digital. As more individuals make purchases online, internet marketers have little choice but to focus their attention on the search engine results pages in order to get the attention of their target audience. An effective e-commerce SEO strategy may help a business that already has some level of success by increasing that business’s online sales and purchases of goods and services. However, whether you want multilingual SEO, international SEO, or a local SEO Firm, you will still need a strategy to climb to the top and remain there once you get there. This is true regardless of whatever kind of SEO you require. More and more business owners are realizing how important the internet is and how search engine optimization (SEO) can help them make more money. Getting to the top of Google’s search engine is something almost every business owner should want since it can increase sales by a lot.


Types of SEO:

The following are some types of SEO:


On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO services are also known as search engine optimization services. In most cases, on-site SEO services will focus their attention on keyword research, the production of content, the optimization of header tags, and much more.


Off-Page SEO:

Strategies known as “off-page SEO” are those that are carried out away from your website. Things that we can do for you that will not involve modifying the information that is already shown on your sites.

Backlinks are the most important aspect of off-site search engine optimization (SEO). This is the part of the process in which third-party websites that are relevant to your company and have a high Page Authority place a link on their website that goes back to you. Your website will move higher up on Google’s search engine results as a result of this process, in which Google transfers part of their Page Authority to your website.


Other off-page SEO tactics might include the following:

Social Media Marketing.

Guest blogging

Developing one’s brand


If your page has excellent content but does not have a rank, you run the risk of losing traffic to competing sites that DO have a rank.


Technical SEO: 

A website’s ability to rise in organic search results is referred to as “technical SEO,” or SEO for short when it meets the requirements of current search engines. Technical search engine optimization includes crawling, indexing, rendering, and design of a website.


Local SEO:

Improving your search engine rankings in the “local-pack” area

Businesses that depend on local or regional customers need to use local SEO services. SEO that is focused on a specific location is newer than SEO in general. When you optimise for local rankings, you want to be found in the “local pack,” which is the part of Google’s search results that has a map and lists three local businesses. Small businesses that rely on local customers have a lot to gain from the local listings section. The SEO techniques used to improve a local website are different from those used to improve an organic website. Local SEO helps businesses like restaurants, auto repair shops, electricians, and plumbers, just to name a few.


How can Ptechhub assist you with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Since we are an IT agency, we are able to assist you with the SEO of your business website. We will make every effort to ensure that other authoritative websites are aware of your material, that they link back to you, and that your Page Authority is increased as a result of these activities.


Our team of SEO specialists will utilise techniques specific to business to locate websites that are an ideal fit to link back to yours. However, we will only include those websites that have excellent Page Authority. We guarantee that you will get some high-quality SEO in exchange for your money and also get your website ranked with SEO that is organic and drives your potential audience/customers.


SEO doesn’t just help Google:

SEO is not all about google. Amazon, Reddit, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, and other sites all have their own SEO standards and need different strategies to meet them. Remember that you might need to improve your business on more than one platform.



The field of search engine optimization for online retailers is notoriously cutthroat and very crowded.

Because of our team’s specialised knowledge, educational background, and extensive professional experience, we are in a position to tackle the difficult SEO issues that arise for rapidly expanding e-commerce companies. We strive to provide search engines and visitors that visit your website with the most positive experience we can possibly deliver.