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12 trends in web design for 2023

I still remember the year 2018 when I wrote for the first time about the web design trends for the year 2019. Since then, things have been changing (for the better) and today the trends have been improving in favor of the user.
Taking these trends into account, you will be able to design an attractive and modern website by 2023, so stay tuned!

Website and page design trends

Communication with users is very important from the most modern and current companies, so they tend to enhance the design of the website to convey the greatest number of emotions.
As a web designer , all of us who are in this world of the internet know that good photographs are not enough to link us emotionally with a brand.
In the web design trends of 2023, it seems that everything is going retro because simple navigation and different and more creative shapes and typographies are intended. Although taking into account the trends of years ago, it is observed how web design is being modernized by leaps and bounds with the incorporation of wonderful techniques.
We are going to take a closer look at our selection of the main web design trends that will be very important when it comes to creating websites in 2023.

12 Web Design Trends for 2023

Web design in 2023 is developing under a very interesting scenario and, precisely for this reason, I want you to stay and see what, for me, are the 12 most important trends in web design for this year 2023.

Use of full-page headers.

Current web design is trending towards full page headers. There are tons of ways to design a header, but for me the most important thing is to place the most relevant text with call-to-action buttons or CTAs on the left. To the right we will place the graphics, personalized illustrations or images that we want.
Users tend to focus our attention on the left side of web pages.

Handmade, interactive and huge typefaces.

Another type of element that I like and that is very fashionable are handmade fonts or also called handmade fonts.
Although they are typefaces that are linked to very specific sectors, they give an exclusive personality, being very positive to differentiate yourself thanks to the use of them.
Today large typography is in the trends for the next few years in web design; the bigger the better. Everything has to do with the attention they generate to the majority of users who visit the web. This example from Obys Agency is very illustrative.

Bright color palette.

This trend is not new, it has been that way since 2013 onwards and it is presumed that it will continue like this for many more years. I recommend Material Design to carry out this type of action.
The use of gradients in the design of web pages is a great idea because it gives a lot of exclusivity and freshness to our work. But we must be careful because gradients are very complex elements that require an advanced level in graphic design as well as great experience.
Getty already says it: in our hectic lives, the usual is boring, so we must prepare ourselves for a 2023 pop full of chromatic manipulations.

Lots of detail in each photo.

This is going to be the year in which great photographs are prioritized on the web where you can see even the smallest detail.

Simple design and unique font

As a fan of minimalism and discreet design, I see that these concepts go hand in hand with another very important one, such as single fonts.
There are many companies that have their own typeface , Coca-Cola for example has just designed its own typeface,

If you are thinking of creating your own “manual” typeface, here is a great tool; Calligrapher .

Lots of white on the web page. Much!

It seems like yesterday when we saw very busy web pages and designs, with graphic elements everywhere. Today the design of the most modern websites returns to simplicity and good taste.
One of the most important things within a web page is to achieve understanding of it. You will understand that a simpler page will favor this understanding and improve the usability of our user, right? Well, that 😉

animated cursors

It will seek to implement cursors in each website by modifying the shape and animating its transitions.
In this way, users will see something different, fun and unusual, so the benefits of having something like this will improve the user’s criteria regarding the web page.

Organic designs and bold colors

Everything that is rounded shapes and organic curves will be very popular in trends from 2021 onwards, even in this coming year 2023.
Bold colors are back in fashion, but this year, however, we are going to have a color scheme with minimalism. Although people think that minimalism is at odds with fun and colorful design, this is not the case.
To find a color palette for your creative (and minimal) design, I leave you a very cool one that I use very often.


Prioritization on mobile devices

The use of mobile devices has already been surpassed in comparison to desktop browsing. This means that in 2023 sites optimized for mobile devices and responsive web design (adapted to any type of device) will be mandatory for any web work.
In this year 2023, the user experience (UX) on your website must be as fluid as possible, uninterrupted and attractive, so we must check:
• The loading speed of the web.
• Take advantage of the white space.
• SEO friendly multimedia content.
• You must create useful, original and innovative pages.
• Interfaces that can be operated using only voice commands.

Impressive narratives.

Making a web page narrating a story will be very valuable for this year 2023. Everything that surrounds a story, content, campaigns, etc. will be decisive for your business since the user will interact much more.
The Every Last Drop website , for example, is a good example of online storytelling, where a story about water waste is told in an attempt to raise awareness of the problem.

Use of a grid system.

We continue with the asymmetric styles where we will see modern sites in which the designers will use the CSS grid layout to maximize the visualization of the web.
They will be able to create designs in a much simpler way, achieving an orderly and very clean appearance with the 2D Grid.
It is very likely that everything this coming year 2023 will be a trend so don’t wait to get your act together!


Color trends for this 2023.

For this 2023, Al Aqua has been chosen, a blue color inspired by technology, by WGSN and Coloro.

We will continue with the gradients throughout the year that will make the best designers have to get to work on the best designs.


How to design a website in 2023?

It is very important to understand that the theory of web design trends in 2023 alone is not enough.
For all of us who are aware of web design, we understand that taking these trends into account will be very positive in any type of project. The best web designs are designs that take these trends into account, put them into practice and stand out from their competitors.
If you would like to design a website for your company or web business and you do not know whom to turn to, we can help you. We are specialists in web design since 2004 and we have carried out a lot of projects of great depth and great success throughout this time. Book a consultation with me. We make your ideas come true!
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