IT Support Services

IT is one of the most integral part of any wake of life. It has become widely accredited with bringing revolution and advancements to every single field. Corporate world is especially affected by it. IT Support Services are thriving and prospering in this era of twenty first century for a reason. That reason is Advancement. If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. That is the basic philosophy. That is the reason technology keeps getting more and more advanced. It is important you keep up with it, or get left behind.


IT Support Services Proffered by Us

Solutions Now provides many IT Support Services, such as;
• We can provide computer systems design, development, and integration services.

• We can provide excellent application design and development services.
• Our company can help clients use computers, software, and communications systems more efficiently.
• In addition to providing advice on using computer systems, we frequently recommend hardware and software systems to our customers.
• We provide a variety of associated services, including business function outsourcing, data warehousing, systems planning, enterprise resource planning, and training.

Technical Support

We proffer technical IT support and services to our clients of all dimensions. We offer to monitor a client’s website and server 24/7. Also, we offer to resolve any glitches in the website, application, and software. We keep the security system updated. We offer maintenance of the complete existing technological infrastructure of a company. We also completely overhaul it if it has been rendered obsolete with the passage of time and decreased efficiency of IT.

Database Management

We offer database management. We monitor and access all the company’s data throughout its lifecycle. Sensitive information, such as employees’ and customers’ information, sales, and finances, is handled with utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We organize all data to ensure compliance, security, and all data-driven applications for effective Business.

Neoteric Domains

We offer to purchase a new Domain for our clients with an address as close to their preferences and logo as possible that is way too easier to remember. We also offer hosting and outsourced IT support services for all the data, websites, applications, and software products.

Scope of IT Support Services

Solutions Now offers its clients IT Services and Support with an outstanding grip of Information Technology. We take pride in our excellence when it comes to IT. We have dedicated teams of experts who are proficient in their respective fields. They have deeper insights into innovation and accomplishment. Our basic policy of customer satisfaction coupled with our will and variety in the field of IT has allowed us to receive appealing reviews from all our clients.

Solutions Now Believes in Excellence

We can update your existing websites, develop new designs and graphics Enterprises and Small business IT support services. We can bring a start-up into the digital market with the least effort on the client’s part while ensuring their maximum outreach. We develop and upgrade their applications and bring them to newer platforms. We bring all IT structures of an IT support services company to make them compatible with all existing interfaces, such as Microsoft, McIntosh, and Android, etc.

More specifically, our areas of expertise are vested in,

  • Managed IT Services
  • HIPAA IT Support
  • Dental IT Support

This is but a glimpse into our Remote IT Support Services.

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