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Healthcare Tech Solutions

At Solutions Now, a significant percentage of our clients are in the healthcare industry. Therefore, we understand the need for HIPAA IT Compliance better than anyone else. Healthcare systems have frequently come under cyber attacks that have proven devastating. As a result, we emphasis in maintaining the best healthcare tech solutions and services possible.
Likewise, Solutions Now provides you with the following healthcare tech solutions and more;

• Privacy and Security Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation Projects
• Multi-layered HIPAA compliant cyber security framework
• Proactive HIPAA compliant IT services

Challenges Faced by a Healthcare Provider

An average healthcare provider faces several IT related challenges. As such, some of the more significant ones are;

• Compliance with the new HIPAA regulations
• Combating the threat of cyber security attacks
• Garnering appropriate support for remote working
• Support for mobile devices

Solutions Now is proud to say we understand your problems, challenges and concerns on a very deep level. As a result, we work accordingly to ensure all such concerns are laid to rest in a most effective manner. In conclusion, we provide custom healthcare tech solutions that are tailor made to suit your specific

Excellence of Solutions Now as The Best Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider

Solutions Now brings a sophistication in the healthcare related IT services. Our team has expertise in;

• Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare
• Managed IT Support for Healthcare
• EHR (Electronic Health Records) Integration and Extraction
• Compliance with HITECH Regulations
• HIE (Health Information Exchange) and interoperability
• Health Benefit Exchanges
• Excellent Human Services

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