Ptechhub offers guidance and support to all our clients. Our team members, managers and developers; each and every one of them is a veteran of their field. All of them are highly qualified individuals. We only select cream of the crop in a class from highly respected institutions. On top of their technical qualifications, they have had time to hone those abilities into true skills and works of art after having worked in the professional field for so long. Their experience coupled with their qualifications has made them true masters of the respective subjects.

That is why we feel fully confidant in offering our advice to those who seek it. We believe every client has the right to know what he or she is getting into before they commit themselves. That is why we freely welcome all prospective clients to our office. They can sit in with our manager, director or IT experts to determine the extent of services they may require. Prospective clients can ask all questions about fields they may be unfamiliar with.

advisory services

We lay the details of our services and technical skills required by the client bare on the table. We explain to them patiently what everything entails. We maintain the friendly environment and keep the technical language to a minimum so even an individual completely unfamiliar with the field of IT can grasp the simple meanings behind technical terminologies.

You can contact us over the phone or email and set up a meeting with the required experts at suitable time. We vow to comply with your request. Only after you have been thoroughly satisfied with our level of proficiency and professional conduct, you may enter into a formal agreement with our company to start on a new project according to your desires and requirement.

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